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 Mech warrior 3

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PostSubject: Mech warrior 3   Mech warrior 3 Icon_minitimeFri Oct 23, 2009 10:12 am

Lanceleader- Leader of the groups
Roundcommander- recon troop
first destroyed battlemech- firefly
Mech warrior 3 Firefly_small
mech on the right thor
Mech warrior 3 Thor_small
mech on the left madcat
Mech warrior 3 Madcat_small
"big al" Name of a lancemate
lancemate- battlemech trooper
battlemech in the building vulture
Mech warrior 3 Vulture_small
biggest battlmech (vs madcat) Old mech warrior 2 battlemech
Missiles launched near the end- heat seeking lrm(long range missiles)
this is the graphics of the mech warrior 5 that will be coming soon
Mech warrior 3 Mechwarrior_5_lawsuit
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Mech warrior 3
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